Capture the great moments of  A Christmas Story magic with friends and family this weekend!

NEW for 2016 – Your very own Video!  This year Ralphie and the gang want to capture your finish line moment!   As you cross the finish line, give us your best smile in your favorite “I can’t put my arms down” Snow Suit, Leg Lamp costume or Bunny Suit.  To see your awesome finish, just go to your results and click on the video link!  Share your finish with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  A Christmas Story Run wants to make your memories lasting ones!

Give us your best Ralphie smile on race day! Speedy Feet will be providing complimentary photos of the starting line and individual finish line pictures of the 5K and 10K. They will be available to view on Race day December 3rd at

We will also have back-drops in the Renaissance Hotel and at the 5K finish! Bring your camera and capture your favorite memories!

Download the A Christmas Story House App on your Android or iPhone! It has some great background styles that you can choose from to enhance your pictures and you can instantly upload them to Facebook or Twitter!


2016 Race Photos:


A Christmas Story 5k-Pictures
A Christmas Story 10k-Pictures
A Christmas Story 10k-Pictures 2
A Christmas Story 10k-Pictures 3
A Christmas Story 10k-Pictures 4

2015 Race Photos:


5K Finish Line Photos
10K Finish Line Photos (Part 1)
10K Finish Line Photos (Part 2)
10K Finish Line Photos (Part 3)
10K Finish Line Photos (Part 4)

2014 Race Photos:

Speedy Feet captured a handful of race day photos from our 2014 run!  These can be found here: and here:

Below is a small sampling of the hundreds of race photos taken December 7th, 2013.  What a fantastic event, with several thousand runners.

Additional Photos can be found at: