Q: If I cannot run the race can I have a refund of my race fee?
A: No.  There are no refunds or exchanges for this event. Feel good knowing that your registration funds go directly to the A Christmas Story House Neighborhood Restoration Project and will help do amazing things in Tremont!

Q:  If I cannot pick up my packet may someone pick it up for me?
A:  Yes!  Please provide them with a copy of your drivers license or ID and your written permission.  We will not mail out packets.  They may only be picked up in person by you or your authorized representative.

Q:  Can I transfer from the actual race in Cleveland to the virtual race?
A: Yes! Transfers are available through November 15th. It’s easy! Just go back to the runsignup.com site. Go to the A Christmas Story Run event. There, opt for the “Virtual Race Switch” tab. For a modest processing fee for shipping and handling, you can forgo the race in Cleveland and run the race in your home town!

Q:  Can I transfer from the virtual race to the actual race in Cleveland?
A: Yes! Transfers are available through November 15th. There are no extra fees for transferring to the Cleveland race. Once the virtual packets are mailed out after November 15th, the materials are delivered and the transfer option is not available.

Q:  I registered for the virtual race.  Can I wear my bib and run in the actual race in Cleveland?
A:  No.  The race is certified for a limited number of participants, and we are expected to sell out.  Any additional participants can risk the safety of those on the course.  The race bibs will be marked to distinguish between the virtual/actual race.  Virtual runners who attempt to sneak in will be escorted off the course immediately by law enforcement/security personnel.

Q:  If I signed up for the actual race in Cleveland but wish to do a different distance than I signed up for, can I do that?
A:  Yes! We allow a free transfer from 5K/10K distances.  You will need to notify us if you wish to change distances.  Since we have 2 finish lines, we need to have a count for medals at each finish line.  Email us at: info@achristmasstoryrun.com  if  you wish to change distances.  If you decide to change your distance during the course on Race Day, your medal will be at the original finish line that you signed up for. For instance, if you signed up for the 10K but choose to stop at the 5K finish line, you must return to the 10K finish line to receive your medal.  ALL BIBS are COLOR CODED.

Q:  How do I know if I am signed up for the race?
A: To check if you are registered for the race in Cleveland, or the virtual race, you can view the participant list at www.runsignup.com. Click on the “Races” Tab. Then scroll to the December 2nd Races. You can view your registration there for the date you signed up!

Q:  Will there be race day sign-ups?
A:  No (Cleveland Race).  If the race is not sold out, we can take registrations through Friday December 1st, whichever happens first.

Q: Can I purchase an extra medal or race shirt?
A:  No.  These unique medals and shirts are one of a kind and are exclusive to the A Christmas Story Run.  The only way to receive these “Major Awards” would be to purchase a race registration.

Q: How do I get my complimentary pass to tour the A Christmas Story House & Museum? (Cleveland participants only!)
A:  Any runner who has on their race bib on race day will be allowed access to the A Christmas Story House & Museum. However, if you are wanting to avoid the race day crowds, you may use your bib tab for admission from November 27th (first packet pickup day) to December 31st. Each bib will have a tear off tab that can be used once for admission.

Q: Can my pet participate in A Christmas Story Run?
A: Yes!  Our run is pet-friendly.  We ask that you and your furry friend stay towards the back of the starting line, as not to interfere with our competitive runners.  Please keep your pet on a leash and be sure to clean up any messes that they might make.  There are trash cans located at each water stop along the race route for disposal.

Q: Are small children allowed to participate?
A: Absolutely!  A Christmas Story Run is a family-friendly race, so feel free to register the whole gang!  Children must be registered in order to receive the race gear and medal.  If your child is in a stroller, we ask that you kindly stay to the back of the starting line, as not to interfere with our competitive runners.